Live at Bar Nancy

Uncle Scotchy’s Storytelling Extravaganza happens every Wednesday night, in Miami, at Bar Nancy, located on historic Calle Ocho.

Bar Nancy provides us a safe, socially distant atmosphere for people to gather in small numbers and appreciate storytellers from all walks of life who live in the Magic City; but aren’t necessarily from there.


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Uncle Scotchy

Uncle Scotchy (given name, Eric Garcia) is a South Florida musician, storyteller, (pre-Covid) event coordinator, and band booker for Miami music venues. He fronts a four-piece progressive Blues band called Juke. Juke has toured and opened for such acts as Gary Clark Jr., The Revivalists, and G. Love and Special Sauce.


But, where ‘Scotchy really likes to get his hands dirty is when he plays as a one-man-band (OMB). Uncle Scotchy OMB plays the guitar, kick drum, snare, crash, bell, harmonica, and vocals. His songs are mostly stories about hardship, loss, and pain he has endured throughout his life. His live performances have become rarer. Sometimes he just doesn’t even show up, or he’ll leave if a gig isn’t to his liking. Uncle Scotchy OMB is an enigma.

However, Uncle Scotchy, the storyteller is a different story!

Since he has been embraced by Bar Nancy, in Miami, located on historic Calle Ocho, he has found a home. A home to tell his stories and a safe place to invite regular folks from the streets of The Magic City to tell their stories too. Stories with no limitations other than Uncle Scotchy’s most valued commodity, the truth.

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